V2 home screen layout

Your Shot Scope V2 has an LCD screen to provide enhanced functionality. Navigating these screens has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible. This page gives you a full breakdown of each screen and its purpose. There are three key areas of the watch which you can navigate to from the home screen; sync screen, game mode screen and settings screen. The watch also has a lock screen and various in-play screens.

Turning on your Shot Scope

Your Shot Scope V2 is turned on by pressing the top left button.

When your Shot Scope V2 is turned on, the lock screen will be displayed.

From this screen, press the bottom left button to proceed to the home screen.




Where to go and how to get there 

Once your Shot Scope is unlocked you will reach the home screen. To proceed from here, press the relevant button as identified below:

Top left button – To power off your Shot Scope press the top left button, you will be asked to confirm shut down before the V2 turns off.

Bottom left button – To update your distance settings (to show in yards or meters) you need to visit the settings section by pressing the bottom right button. Please follow this link for more information on updating your settings

Top right button – Before starting your round you must select a mode, to do so you need to access the game mode screen by pressing the top right button. Please follow this link for more information on the different modes and when to use them.

Bottom right button – Once your round is finished, press the bottom right button to turn on Bluetooth and upload your data from your watch to the Shot Scope app. Please follow this link for more information on uploading your data.




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