How do you set up the 16 plastic tags?

The 16 tags that you receive with your Shot Scope are part of the performance tracking feature of the product and should be screwed into your clubs so that they can be automatically tracked.

Tags must be inserted securely into the grip, make sure that you screw the correct tag into each club so that it matches up with your My Bag set up. Click here to find out more about My Bag.

Screw the tags in by rotating the tag clockwise whilst applying a slight downward force.


All 16 tags are labelled with the initial of a popular club. It is best practice to match the appropriate tag with the corresponding club, for example, the 'D' tag would screw into your driver but as long as the tags match up with your My Bag set up this doesn't matter too much.

If you have a counterbalance grip you might not be able to fit the tag into the grip. Click here to find out what to do if you have a counterbalance putter.

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