How does the PinCollect feature work?

PinCollect is unique to Shot Scope and this innovative technology allows us to locate the position of the pin on every hole you play, providing you with enhanced putting, short game and approach statistics.

How do I use PinCollect?

PinCollect is a very simple feature to use and will quickly become part of your on-course routine. When you reach a green, your watch will change to the PinCollect screen. This screen shows the numbers 0-3, which represent the number of putts taken on the hole. A four putt option can be found by pressing the menu button to take you onto the second PinCollect screen. Once you have holed out, simply press the number which correlates to the number of putts taken, over the hole, and the pin location will be saved.

Why is using PinCollect important?

PinCollect is a vital part of the performance tracking capacity of your Shot Scope V2. Without it, we are unable to give you the accurate putting, short game and approach stats. PinCollect is the only way that we can determine where the pin is on any given day. So, if you don’t use PinCollect, we have no way of knowing whether your approach/chip was 30ft or 10ft away or whether the putt you holed was a 15-footer rather than a 5-footer. Therefore, PinCollecting over the cup is vital in order to provide you with true and accurate stats.

PinCollect also confirms the number of putts you have taken. Due to the light contact with the ball, it can sometimes be difficult to pick up small putts or tap ins. PinCollect enables us to be certain on the number of putts taken and therefore ensures accurate putting stats and scoring.

What if I forget to PinCollect?

Don’t worry if you forget to PinCollect occasionally.

If you do forget, you can add the pin position in editing and move your putts as required. Simply click and hold the pin icon on the map and drag it to the desired location. While this is not as accurate as using PinCollect it still enables the system to generate detailed statistics.


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