What is GPS+Track mode?

The following article explains the GPS + Track mode and its features.

  1. Setting up for GPS + Track
  2. No Courses within 1km
  3. Getting started in GPS + Track mode
  4. Using PinCollect
  5. Lost GPS signal
  6. Ending your round
  7. Round summary

Opting to play in GPS+Track mode provides you with the distances for the front, middle and back of the green on the watch and engages the performance tracking function of your V2. The yardages you are shown are Dynamic Yardages, meaning that the points are based on the angle of the player to the green rather than basing the distances on fixed points. Click here for more information on Dynamic Yardages. The “Track” aspect of this mode means that all of your data will be collected in the background. You will also be prompted to use PinCollect after you complete each hole.

Setting up for GPS+Track

1) First, please ensure you have inserted your tags into your clubs. Further instructions on how to set up your tags can be found here.

2) Next, press the top right button on the main screen of your watch to select 'Play' options. This will bring up the game modes screen. GPS + Track will be highlighted automatically as it is the most popular game mode.

3) Press the top left button to confirm you would like to start your round in GPS+Track. Once GPS+Track mode has been selected, the watch will begin to prepare your round by establishing your location and linking this with your already downloaded golf course. This should only take a few moments, if you need help downloading courses, please follow this link for more information.

4) Once a GPS fix has been established, you will then be asked to select the course you are playing from a list. Courses will be ordered from the nearest course to your location to the furthest away course. The course highlighted in bold is the currently selected course. To scroll between options, use the top right button to move up the list and the bottom right bottom to move down the list. When the correct course is highlighted, press the top left button to select this.

5) After selecting a course, you will be asked to confirm that this is the correct course. Confirm this by pressing the bottom right button which will take you on to the GPS Yardage screen.


No Courses within 1km

1) If the message 'No Courses within 1km' appears on screen please after searching for a GPS signal then press the bottom left button to exit the course selection screen

2) Press the bottom left button again to return to the main screen.

3) Press the bottom left button to access Settings.

4) Use the top right button and bottom right to scroll through the Settings options and select Courses using the top left button

5) Please then use the top right button and bottom left button to scroll through your courses. If the course you are wanting to play is listed then please exit the course list by pressing the bottom left button to return to the main watch screen. If your course is listed proceed to step 6. If the course is not listed then please download the course to your watch using the most easily available app to you. Click here for further instructions on how to download courses to your watch. Please then follow the instructions from Setting up your GPS+Track mode to start the process again.

6) On the main watch screen please hold down the top left button for 15-20 seconds until the screen greys out. This will reset the watch. Please then turn your watch on and follow the instructions on this article from Setting up for GPS+Track to try the process again. If you continue to have issues obtaining a GPS fix then please contact us at

Getting started in GPS+Track mode

Once you have selected the course the distances for the first green will appear on your screen. The bottom of the screen will display the hole number and the par for that hole.

If you wish to change the hole number then you can advance to the next hole by pressing the bottom right button and go back to a previous hole by pressing the bottom left button. This will then update the hole and change the yardage distances to show for the new green.

The yardages on the screen will automatically update as you walk around the course.


Using PinCollect

To provide accurate proximity to the hole and putting statistics we ask that you press a button to locate the pin for us, by pressing a button with the watch over the hole we can accurately establish where the pin was located for that round.

We do ask that you press the number button that corresponds to the amount of times you used your putter on that hole (on or off the green). For example, if your ball is on the fringe and you take one stroke with your putter, then take one stroke with your putter on the green to finish the hole this should be pressed as 2 putts. When you upload your round our software separates putts on the green in to your Putting stats and putts off the green in to Short Game to give you accurate data.

- If you have zero putts, press the top left button

- For one putt, press the bottom left button

- Two putts, press the top right button

- Three putts, press the bottom right button

- Four putts press the mode button (middle button on the left) followed by the top left button

PinCollect will automatically appear on your screen when you are 2 yards from a green. After you leave the green you will have 30 seconds until the PinCollect screen will disappear. If you walk back onto the green during or after the countdown period, the PinCollect screen will appear again.

Once this has been successfully recorded you will see the PinCollect Recorded Screen. The screen will show for 5 seconds before returning to the yardage screen.


Lost GPS Signal

If the watch loses GPS signal during the round you will be notified on the screen.

The watch will automatically start to search for GPS in this scenario and, if this happens, you can simply wait for it to do so and the screen will return to yardages.

If you want to end the round at this point press the bottom right button. This will return the watch to the home screen.


Ending your round

Once you have pressed your PinCollect number on the 18th green the 'End Round?' screen will automatically appear on screen. If you have finished your round press the bottom right button to confirm End Round. If you have pressed this in error and do not wish to end your round, press the middle left button (menu) to return to the yardages.

If you are playing a 9 hole course and are continuing on to play another 9 hole course at the same resort or repeating the same 9 holes to form an 18 hole round then please see the following article for information on how to end your round. Click here for instructions on how to end your round when playing two 9 hole courses to combine into an 18 hole scorecard.

If you start your round at another hole apart from the 1st and the 18th hole is not your final hole (a shotgun start for example) then there are a number of option for you to choose from for ending your round. Click here for instructions on ending a round prior to the 18th hole or in a shotgun format. 

Round summary

The ending of your round will be confirmed by the displaying of your round summary which displays the length of time the round took to complete. From here, press the bottom left button to return to the home screen or you can press the bottom right button to upload your round to your app.


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