How do I create clubs in the dashboard My Bag?

Manually creating clubs

To add a new club, simply navigate to the bottom of the “Tags” section and click the blue “ADD CLUBS” button on the left. This will pull up a menu that will allow you to select the type of club, its make and its model. Once you have entered this information press “Submit”, your new club will automatically appear as the last club in your “unassigned Clubs” section at the bottom of the My Bag page. To assign this to a club, please follow the instructions here.



Remember: simply creating a club does not make it active, it must be assigned to a club first. Only clubs which have been physically tagged and then assigned this same tag will collect data. Find out how to assign clubs to tags here.

Auto-assigned clubs

If you play a round using a tag which has not been assigned a club on My Bag the system will create a club to assign it to, based on the tag. For example, if you use the “D” tag in a round but don’t have any clubs assigned to it, then a driver club will automatically be created and assigned to the “D” tag for you. This club can be changed in the editing process to indicate the real club used.



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