Assigning clubs to tags in the dashboard My Bag

When using the standard 20 tags, a golfer can have 19 active clubs and one active putter at any time. Tags collect the data for the club, assigning the data retrospectively to whichever club that tag is linked with on My Bag. For example, if you assign the “X1” to your driver all data that the X1 tag collects will be shown as driver data. Therefore, it is essential that the correct tags are assigned to the correct clubs.  Only clubs which have a tag affixed to the grip will collect data, please keep this in mind when creating clubs. Whilst you can have as many clubs as you wish on the dashboard, these are only collecting data when assigned to a tag and this tag is in the right club.


Start by creating all of the clubs that you use on the course. The number of clubs does not matter, you can have as many clubs as you wish on your dashboard but we recommend keeping it to ones you will use, otherwise it can become cluttered and confusing. For more instructions on how to create clubs, please follow this link.

Once you have created all of the clubs, you then need to assign these to a tag. The tags should match up with the club they are inserted into, using the labels at the top. The 20 tags and the clubs to which these are assigned on My Bag represent your active clubs and will be the only ones that gather data. When you go out for a round, ensure that all of the clubs in your bag have a tag and that this tag is assigned correctly in My Bag. For instructions on how to set up your tags, please follow this link.

Remember, you must use the “P” tag for your putter. Link to “Tags – ‘P’ for Putter”

When you create a new club it will automatically sit in the bottom section of the page, under “Unassigned Clubs”, because it has not been linked to a tag. To assign this club simply drag from the bottom section to the “Tags” section and drop over the tag you wish to link it with. For example, to link a new driver with the “D” tag, simply drag the driver from “Unassigned Clubs” and drop it over the circle showing the “D” in “Tags”.



Assigning a new club to a tag already in use – when opting to replace the existing club, you must first remove it by dragging the club to “Unassigned Clubs”. The tag will have the outline of a rectangle underneath with no information inside. This means that the tag can be reassigned a new club.


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