How do I assign a club to a tag slot in the dashboard My Bag feature?

The following article will explain how to assign a created club to a tag slot in your My Bag using the online dashboard.

You might do this for example if you created a club but had never used it. You would then need to assign this club to a tag slot to be able to start tracking that club.

It is important to make sure you have your clubs correctly assigned to a tag slot to track it's performance, if you do not then that club will not be accurately tracked even if you have the tag inserted.

You will first need to create your clubs. Click here to find out how to create clubs on your online dashboard.

To assign a club in your online dashboard please follow the instructions below:

1) Log in to your account on the online dashboard. Click here to login to your online dashboard.

2) Navigate to the My Bag page. Click here to find out how to access your My Bag page on the online Dashboard.

3) You should see any unassigned clubs at the bottom of the page under the header 'Unassigned Clubs'. Click on your desired club and hold the mouse button in. Then drag the club up to your desired tag slot and once the club is over the slot, release the mouse button. 

This should now drop that club into the tag slot and that club is now ready to be tracked. For example if you had an X1 tag screwed into your 5 wood you would click and drag your 5 wood club and drop it into the X1 tag slot. 

Please note you should always assign your club to the slot of the tag that you have inserted. So if you lost your Driver tag and inserted the X2 tag then you would remove your driver from the D tag slot and re-assign it to the X2 tag slot. You must use the P tag for your putter, no other tag will work with the putter.




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