Syncing courses

Once you have added your courses, you need to then sync them onto the band. To do this, you must navigate to the “My Courses” page which will show all of the courses you have downloaded. Within my courses, there are four classes of course, identified by icon:

Green Tick – Synced.

The “Synced” status shows when a course has been fully synced to your band and is ready to play.


Green Exclamation – Update

The “Update” status shows when a course’s map data has been updated and needs to be resynced.


Blue  Download - Pending

The “Pending” status is when a course is ready to be added to your Shot Scope device. Tap “sync” to start this process.


Orange Map – Being Mapped

The “Being Mapped” status is where the course is currently being mapped by our in-house team. We aim to have this course ready within 3 days.



The first time you add courses, they will all appear in My Courses as either “Pending” (blue download) or “Being mapped” (orange map).

To sync the course to your band, ready for play, you first must put your band into sync mode. To do this, press the Sync button on the bottom left of your watch and following the steps on screen.


When the Sync button is pressed, the watch will automatically start searching for a device to connect to. Make sure that Bluetooth is switched on, on your device. Whilst the band’s screen displays “Searching”, press “Connect” on your mobile device to connect the two.


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