What is the purpose of the My Bag feature?

The following article will explain more about the My Bag feature and how it works.

My Bag is a feature on the Shot Scope dashboard and apps which allows you to create a database of all of the clubs you use, regardless of how many that may be, and track their performance. Each Shot Scope system comes with 16 tags which are screwed into the grips of the clubs you wish to track.

Why should I use it?

My Bag allows you to compare the performance of an unlimited number of clubs with no restrictions. 

Collecting new data for new clubs enables direct and insightful club comparisons. For example, if you have two drivers or three putters you can create all of these clubs, make them active when in use and then compare the data. You can then play with the clubs that perform best for you.

Please watch the below tutorial video to find out how My Bag works:

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    Dave Colver

    Hi. I'm trying to add H2 but there is no H2 on my mobile app.

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