What is My Bag?

My Bag is a feature on the Shot Scope dashboard which allows you to create a database of all of the clubs you use, regardless of how many that may be, and track the performance of these. Each Shot Scope system comes with 20 tags which are screwed into the grips of the clubs you wish to track.  The tags are marked to indicate which club they should be assigned to and are completely interchangeable between rounds so you can change the clubs you are tracking seamlessly.

Why should I use it?

My Bag allows you to compare the performance of an unlimited number of clubs with no restrictions. Now, when you reach into your bag, there are no surprises. Base your club selection on pure data and ensure that you have what you need to play your best round.

Collecting new data for new clubs enables direct and insightful club comparisons. For example, if you have two drivers or three putters you can create all of these clubs, make them active when in use and then compare the data. Which driver do you hit the furthest? Which putter sinks the most 6 footers? Even take a demo club out for one round and see how its stats rack up beside your current club.

Using this feature allows you to fully understand every club in your bag and, if you’re a V2 user, this knowledge, when coupled with your GPS distances, gives you a huge advantage on the course. Know your clubs, build your bag and maximise your performance.  

My Bag tutorial video:

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