Setting up your tags

The 20 tags that you receive with your Shot Scope V2 are part of the performance tracking capacity of the product and should be screwed into your clubs so that they can be automatically tracked. More information on inserting the tags can be found here (link to “Setting up your tags”). Tags need only be inserted once, they will remain in your clubs for however long you wish to track them for. The electronics within the tags are passive, therefore they do not contain a battery and there is no need to charge them.


The tags are all labelled based on the most popular clubs in a golfer’s bag. We recommend that you assign the correct club to the correct tag as this will improve the data readings should we need to investigate your round. The “P” tag must be used for a putter.


‘P’ for Putter

The putter tag is the only unique tag out of the 20 in each set. Due to the finer movements that are required when putting, the technology within this tag differs from the rest in order to recognize the different swing and ball impact. The only tag that will work in a putter is a “P” tag. If you have multiple putters then you can either email to request an additional tag or simply switch the tag between putters. Always remember to assign the putter tag to the correct putter for that day and remember clubs which are not tagged will not collect data.

Tip from the Team:

Take practice swings with your putter, this will give the system more information and allow it to accurately identify your impact swings and discount the practice swings. It is therefore less likely to miss shots when putting. Make sure your practice swings are only taken beside the ball.



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    Keith Rushton

    I've just bought a shot scope V1 that was unused. However, as I was screwing a couple of tags into the grip the tops came off them. Is it possible to purchase more tags if need be ?

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