Downloading courses on the Desktop App

Courses must be loaded on to the V2 band before playing in order to receive GPS distances. To add courses to be synced, you must navigate to “courses” on the main menu, select courses and then 'Find Courses'. You can then search for the course you require by name or based on location:

  1. Simply enter the name of the course in the search tab.
  2. Alternatively, use your current location by selecting the “nearby” tab. This will show courses nearby to your selected homecourse.


Once you have found the course that you are looking for simply click the tick box to add it to your courses, a green tick will confirm that the course has been added.

The color of a course will change depending on its download status.

Green – Mapped and synced.

The course is synced to your band, mapped and ready to play. The card will be shown in green with a tick icon. If mapping updates have taken place, a plus icon will be shown.

Blue – Mapped, not synced.

The course is not synced to your band but is mapped and ready to download

Orange – Mapping in progress

The course is currently being mapped and will be ready to play within 3 days.


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