Updating your firmware

Firmware is programming which is written into your V2 and updates are often issued to introduce new features and fix any bugs which could be hampering your Shot Scope experience.

When there is a firmware update available, you will receive an email from Shot Scope which lets you know that you need to update. 

Updating using the desktop app

We recommend updating using the desktop app. This is the most efficient process and will sync the update faster than using the mobile app. For a tutorial on how to update using the desktop app, please view this video walkthrough.

Your V2 must have at least 25% battery power to perform the update.Once your update has begun, it is imperative that this is not interrupted or cancelled or the firmware update will fail and you will need to start again.


Updating using the mobile apps

If you do not have access to the desktop app then you can update over mobile. Please ensure that you do so over WiFi and allow additional time for the update to be processed. This process takes, on average, 10 minutes. You also must have the latest app version for this to be successful. 

Once your Shot Scope is connected, please navigate to the "Settings" section of the app and tap the button to update/upgrade in the navigation bar. Below, the Android app is shown on the left and the iOS app on the right. This will begin the process and, once your update has begun it is imperative that this is not interrupted or cancelled as this will mean the update will fail and you will need to start the process again.

Screenshot_20171211-104036.png    Image_uploaded_from_iOS__2_.png




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    Vincent Price

    Update has been running for over 1 hour should I leave it going

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