Shot Scope care

  • Use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean your Shot Scope band. Do not spray wet cleaners directly onto your Shot Scope band.
  • Do not expose your Shot Scope band to extremely high or low temperatures.
  • Do not bring your Shot Scope band into contact with any sharp objects. As this could cause scratches and damage.
  • Do not attempt to repair, modify or disassemble your Shot Scope band; it does not contain any user-serviceable components and doing so will void the warranty.
  • Use the supplied USB cable to charge the Shot Scope band with USB compliant ports.
  • If your Shot Scope band becomes submerged in a liquid or a liquid comes in contact with the band, turn the band off, wipe any excess liquid from the surface of the band and place the band in a dry area for 24 hours. In most cases the band should power up and function properly once completely dry. If the band does not power up after following these steps, contact customer support if your warranty period is still active.



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    Kieran Mc alindon

    Misting up inside case unlikely to be fixed with a paper towel. Played with it today and could not read some of the screens due to misting.

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