How do I request a course to be mapped or report outdated course maps?

If there is a course you are planning to play but unsure if it has been mapped or not you can contact or request a course to be mapped as shown below.

To report outdated course data or to request a course to be mapped you need to click on the account settings. A drop down bar will appear and from there you select "Suggest Course".

This will then redirect you to the "Suggest Course" page. Select "Suggest a Course" to request a course to be mapped or select "Suggest and Edit" tab to report a course. You can then enter the name of the course that you wish to report.

When reporting a course that has out of date data, we suggest that you inform us of the edits that need to be made. To help our course mappers you can also upload a screen shot, for example outlining where a missing bunker lies. 






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