How do I sign off a round on the dashboard?


Follow the steps below to edit your round on the web dashboard:

1) Log into your Shot Scope account on the dashboard

2) Enter into the editing process for your selected round. Click here for more information on how to do that.

3) You will see a pop up like the image below once you have entered the signing off process. The first task you must complete is the confirming your handicap. Click on the drop down box beside the 'Confirm Handicap' text. Then use the mouse to scroll up and down until you see the handicap number that is applicable you, once you see it click on the number.


4a) The next step is selecting what tees you played off. Click on the 'Select Tees' drop down box, you can select from any tees that are available. If your tee box is not on the list then you can create a tee by clicking on the plus sign beside the drop down box.


4b) If you need to create a set of tees then please follow these instructions. Firstly, select the colour of the tees by clicking on the drop down list under 'Add Tees' and click on the colour that is applicable to you. Then go through each of the holes and make sure that the pat for each hole is correct. Once you are happy with all the pars click on the 'Complete' button. You will then return to the main signing off page and your newly created tee will be selected.



5a) The next step is to edit the round, click on the 'Edit' button to launch the editing tool.

5b) How to select a shot on editing. 

There are two different ways to select a shot:

Click the node on the map of the shot you wish to edit or click on the number on the shot list that corresponds to the shot that you wish to select.

5c) How to move the location of a shot.

Click and drag the node of the desired shot to the new location on the map. After successfully moving the shot, the distances of all the respective shots will be automatically recalculated as well as the new lie type of the shot.

5d) Changing the location of a pin.

When editing a round, users have the ability to change the location of the pin. Simply click and drag the pin to the desired location.

5d) How to delete a shot.

Firstly, select the shot you wish to delete. Secondly, click the red 'X' at the right-hand side of the shot dashboard, this will bring forward a pop up with these options;

'Yes, Delete!' - If you click this the shot will be deleted permanently

'Cancel' - The shot will not be deleted and you will return to the editing screen

5e) How to add a penalty shot.

To add a penalty shot in editing, select the shot where the penalty occurred, click on the 'Penalty' button followed by the 'Add' button.

5f) How to add a lost ball.

To classify a penalty shot as a lost ball, select the shot you lost the ball on and then click on the 'Lost' icon. After you have done this, move the "X" node to where you lost the ball and a penalty shot will be automatically added. The rest of the hole will now be in the correct order.

5g) How to add shots.

Firstly, select the shot previous to the missing shot. Secondly, click on the button in the shot dashboard that says 'Shot'. Finally, click on the 'Add' button, this will insert a new shot into your round. Once the new shot has been added, you can then edit the shot to reflect what happened out on the course.

5h) How to add tee shots.

To add a missing tee shot, select the 'Add Missing Tee Shot' button that sits underneath the hole number. Once you click the 'Add missing tee Shot' button, a pop-up box will appear. Select the 'Add' button and the missing tee shot will be added to the hole.

5i) How to change the club used for a shot.

Firstly, select the shot by clicking on the shot number that corresponds to the shot you wish to change. Secondly, click the drop down arrow beside the club you wish to change. Finally, scroll through the drop down until you find the club you wish to change to and click on it.

5j) How to mark a shot as a positional shot.

Select the shot you wish to edit and click on the 'Positional' shot icon. The icon will turn green, confirming that shot has been marked as a positional shot.

5k) Saving your edits.

Once you have finished editing, click on the 'Save and Exit' button, found on the bottom right-hand side of the page. This will open a pop-up box that will ask you to confirm that you are finishing editing. To ensure your changes are saved, click on the 'Save and Exit' button. Clicking on the 'Exit without saving!' will cause you to lose all the changes you have made to the selected round.


 6) The next step is to decide if you want the round to contribute towards your statistics. Every round by default is selected to be included in your statistics. If you don't wish for the round to be included in your statistics then click on the green tick box beside the text 'Include this round in your performance statistics'.



7) The final stage is to click on the blue 'Sign Off' button at the bottom of the pop up. This will sign the round off and update your stats accordingly. 






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