How do I create or join a private leaderboard on dashboard?

Creating a Leader-board On Dashboard

To begin creating a private leader-board on dashboard simply click on the “Join or create a leader-board” button.


This shall open your private leader-board page. In the create leader-board section insert the name of your leader-board in the text input provided and then press the “Create A Leaderboard” button that becomes active. Your leader-board will be created and a league pin to share with friends will be generated.

Joining a Leader-board Dashboard

To join a leader-board on dashboard click on the “Join or create a leaderboard” button.

In the “Join a Leaderboard” section insert the unique 6-character code in the text field provided, and then press the “Join” button when it becomes active.


Once you have successfully joined the leader-board, it shall be listed in the “My Leaderboards” section.






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