New Online Dashboard FAQ's

How do I access my new look dashboard?

Accessing your online dashboard will remain the same as it has always been. You can sign in through the website , through the dashboard URL or by selecting the link on your desktop app:


When will this upgrade be available on mobile apps?

We are currently working hard on adding the My Bag and Editing features to the mobile apps. Once these features have been finished and released we will look at making changes to the performance pages on the mobile apps. In general, though the mobile apps will always have slightly less functionality due to the screen size available.

Have I lost any of my data?

None of your previous data will be lost in this update. We have not taken away functionality to any of the pages, we have only added to what was already there and give a new make over to many of the old stats.

How will I know what the new stats are?

We have taken on board your feedback that we should educate you a lot more about how the stats we provide you with are calculated and what their purpose is. The new dashboard will have a ‘more info’ icon beside each stat which will pop up with information about that stat:


Why does my ‘Rounds’ page look the same?

We are working on an update to the Rounds page but this isn’t ready just yet. We will announce when we expect this to be released in the coming weeks.

What happened to the ‘Personal Records’ page?

We have removed the personal records page at the moment, instead we are planning on releasing an Achievements page instead. The Achievements page will have badges that can be unlocked in a whole bunch of different categories.

What is considered a long game shot (Clubs, Tee Shots, Approaches) and what is considered a Short Game shot (Short Game)?

Any shot that is hit inside 50 yards of the pin is considered a short game shot with the exception of any shot hit on the green (these are putts). Any shot hit from outside 50 yards of the pin is considered a long game shot.

How do I hide the filter box?

If you are happy with your filters and wish to hide the filter box in order to have more screen space you can achieve this. At the top right of each filter box there is an arrow, if this arrow is clicked it will minimise the filter box:




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