Changes to the dashboard Approaches Page

What has changed on the ‘Approaches’ page?

*A plotted shot graph has been introduced to this page also. Rather than giving you just an average proximity to the hole we now show each of these shots that make up that average on a graph and plot where the shot finished relative to the hole. We breakdown these shots to show you in terms of a percentage what area of the green your shots are finishing (all combinations of long, short, right, left). The last feature of this graph is the Red Zone percentage, which informs you how often you are hitting your approaches inside 15ft of the hole.

*We have kept the Green Success and Shots to finish stats but gave them a new look in a bar graph to make comparing clubs easier.

*This page has also been updated with the score result filter, meaning that again you can see what misses are costing you the most shots.

*We have also introduced a distance played from filter, this means that you no longer must filter just by club, you can also filter from distance sections such as 125-150 yards.

*The club selection has moved from being down the left side of the page and been moved into the filter box. The clubs are now also displayed by an icon rather than text.

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