Changes to the Tee Shots Page

Tee Shots Page

What has changed on the ‘Tee Shots’ page?

*The biggest difference is that you can now see your drives plotted on a graph. Previously we told you if your drive missed the fairway left/right or hit the fairway. Now we show you exactly where your ball ended up from the centre and edge of fairway respectively as well as how far the shot went. It doesn’t stop there, you can now view each shot on a map by the click of a button.

*Golf is all about what score you take so its important to see where the shots that cost you the dearest happen. Filter the graph by the score taken to see when you make a big score where your drive ended up.

*Compare your score breakdown chart to see what percentage of eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys and double bogey + scores you make to see if hitting a club other than your driver produces best results.

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