Changes to the dashboard Putting Page

What has changed on the ‘Puttting’ page?

*We have introduced a club selector to the filter bar to accommodate the possibility of multiple putters with the addition of the My Bag feature which was released in 2017. This means you will now be able to compare the putting stats of different putters.

*We have a new look line graph for the Make %, Avg. Proximity to hole stat and the Shots to Finish stat. These graphs also allow you to pull through multiple putters for direct comparisons.

*There is a brand-new stat called ‘Never up, Never in’, this calculates the amount of times you leave the ball short or long of the hole when a putt is missed. A putt that is left short has a 0% chance of going in, so if a large percentage of your putts are left short then you need to be more aggressive.

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