How do I start a round on my watch?

The following article will explain all the steps required to start a round on your watch.

To start a round please follow these instructions:

1) Power the watch on by pressing the top left button.

2) Unlock the watch by pressing the bottom left button.

3) Press the top right button to start the new round process.

4) You should now be on the mode selecting screen, use the top right button and bottom right button to change the game mode option. Once the option you want to select is in the middle of the screen stop scrolling. Click here for more information on game modes and when to use them.

5) Press the top left button to confirm the game mode selection.

6) The watch will now start searching for a GPS signal. Once it finds a signal a list of nearby courses will appear on the screen.

7) Use the top and bottom right buttons to scroll through the course options if there is more than one course available. Once the course you wish to play is in the center of the screen stop scrolling.

8) Press the top left button to confirm the course choice. If you don't want to start a game and return back to to the main screen then press the bottom left button.

Your round has now started at your selected course.





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