What does the pick up feature do?




  • andysgolfblog


    Any idea how to essentially ‘pick up’ post round. I’m never actually sure what to do with my round when I start playing a hole but don’t complete it. For example, I tee off but can’t find my ball. Rather than complete the I just forget about it and walk to the next. I can add the ‘lost ball’ when editing post round, but it then assumes I ‘holed’ my drive and doesn’t allow me to sign off.
    Is there a way to essentially just mark a hole as did not play?

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  • Marc Knowles

    I've found if you delete all the shots for that hole post round it treats it the same as a picked up ball.

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  • Joost

    What should I do when I pick up my ball in a Stableford competition, just because I cannot score any points anymore on that particular hole? It would not be a hole that I want to delete from history. I have not finished the hole, but my shots were real, and should be in the stats.

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