How do you change your units of measurement from yards to meters within the online Dashboard?

The following article will explain how to change the units of measurement for your stats on your online Dashboard. You will also need to do this separately for your mobile stats and separately to display meters on your watch.

Click here to find out how to change your units of measurement on your mobile app

Click here to change your units of measurement on your watch


1) Log into your account on your online dashboard account. Click here to login to your account.

2) Click on 'your name' in the top right of the screen. From the options that appear, click on 'Account'.

3) Once on the account screen. Click on the drop down option under 'Units' and select 'Metres' from the options displayed.

4) Click on the 'Save all Details' button bottom right of the screen. This will save the change and update all the stats in your account to be in metres.

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