How do I edit a created club in the dashboard My Bag feature?

The following article will explain how to edit a created club in your My Bag on your online dashboard.

You might do this for example if you played and uploaded a round before creating your clubs in My Bag. This would create a set of default clubs which you could then edit to the correct make and model of your clubs.

To edit an existing club please follow these instructions:

1) Log in to your account on the online dashboard. Click here to login to your online dashboard.

2) Navigate to the My Bag page. Click here to find out how to access your My Bag page on the online Dashboard.

3) Click on the club that you wish to edit, the club should now have a red outline if you have done this successfully. 

4) The black 'Edit' button should now become available. Click on this.

5) This should bring up a pop up on the screen. Click "Continue"

6) This will bring up the Type, Name, Make and Model of your current club. Click on the 'Type' section and scroll through the list to find your club type, for example 'Iron' and click on it to select it. 

7) Do this for each of the sections until you have selected all of your clubs details. Then click on 'Submit' to the right of these headers.

8) Your club has now successfully been edited. You are now free to assign it to your desired tag slot. Click here to find out how to assign a club on your online dashboard.


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