How do you change the distance measurements from yards to meters on the watch?

The distances shown on the watch screen are by default set to yards. To update the watch to show meters instead please follow the steps below:

1) Navigate to the settings screen, press the bottom left button from the home screen.

2) Use the bottom right button to scroll down the options until 'Units' sits in the middle of the screen.

3) Press the top left button beside the tick to enter the yards/meters settings menu.

4) Press the bottom right button to scroll down to the 'Meters' option.

5) Press the top left button to confirm the switch to meters. The watch screen should show the message 'Setting Updated' then navigate you back to the home screen. 

Please note, this will only update the unit of measurement for your yardages and not your statistics. This can be updated within the apps and dashboard, Click here for instructions on how to do this.


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