Syncing courses from the Desktop App to the V2

Once you have added courses to your account it’s time to sync these courses to your Shot Scope. Navigate to the “My Courses” page. A list of all your courses and status of the course will be displayed.


You now need to connect your watch to your desktop. To connect your Shot Scope watch to your computer use the micro-USB cable provided. The desktop app will show the watch is successfully connected in the top right corner.


To sync your courses to the watch press the blue sync button at the bottom of the screen. This will prompt the app to start the syncing process. A green bar will appear and show the progress of the sync.


Final Stage - Before you head out to play, check the course has successfully uploaded to the watch.

Step one: Press the settings button on the home screen
(bottom left).
Step two: Select “Courses” by pressing the tick
(top right button).
Step three: Scroll through the course list to check your course
has been uploaded.

If your course is not present on the watch then contact us at


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