How do I change my home-course in my settings?


To change your home-course on the dashboard follow the instructions below:

1) Log into your online dashboard account.

2) Click on your name at the top-right of the screen. This will bring down a list of options, from these options click on 'Account'.

3) In the account section there is an option to choose your home-course. Simply type in the new name of your home-course and select the correct option from the drop down menu. Make sure to press the 'Save all details' button before leaving the page. If you change your home-course on the dashboard this will also automatically update on the desktop and mobile app.

Mobile App

1) Log into your mobile account.

2) Navigate to the Account screen. If you are on iOS then tap on the 'More' button bottom right, after this tap on the 'Account' option from the options shown. If you are on Android tap the top left menu button, then from the options available tap the 'Account' option.

3) Once on the Account screen tap on the 'Edit' button top right. Finally tap on the course that you currently have as your home-course, then type, search and tap on the correct course form the search results.

4) Once you are happy with the changes made to your home-course tap the 'Done' button top right of the screen.

If you change your home-course on the mobile app this will also automatically update on the desktop app and dashboard.

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    Kevin Hobgood

    My course doesn’t come up. I thought every course was mapped. Garmin has my home course, The Grove in College Grove, TN that has been here for 7 years. What gives?

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