What is causing my shots to be missed and not picked up by my tags?

The following article will explain why your shots might be missed by the watch.

When the watch has failed to pick up shots it is normally due to one of the following reasons:

- All the tags have not been securely inserted into all the clubs.

- The user is not taking any practice swings. The Shot Scope watch goes to "sleep" in between shots, if a few practice swings are not taken before each shot then this can lead to missed shots as the watch hasn't "woken up" and misses the first swing/shot.

- Users are wearing the watch on the wrong wrist. Right handed golfers should wear the watch on their left wrist and left handed golfers on their right wrist. You also need to make sure that you have the watch set to the correct hand setting.  Click here to find out more information about how to wear the watch.

- Users wearing the watch too high on their wrist. If you wear the watch too high up the wrist then the watch and the tags can be too far apart to pick up shots. The closer to the bottom of the wrist the better.

- Users wearing metal or other devices on their wrist. Metal and other devices such as smartwatches or ION bracelets can be magnetic and prevent the technology in the watch from working.

- Users gripping down too much on the club. Holding the club down the grip can mean that the watch is too far away from the tag to record shots.

- Users wearing the watch with the face on the inside of their wrist. The watch has been designed to be worn with the screen facing the sky so this can cause the watch to miss shots.

If shots are being missed you can always add/edit your shots on your account. Click here to find out more about editing your round.

If you are still experiencing shot detection issues despite the above points then please get in touch with out support team by completing the contact form here or by emailing us at

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