My putts have been missed or show as 2 feet every hole.

If the watch doesn't pick up the putts automatically then these will show as 2 foot putts in the Shot Scope system.

Below are few reasons why the watch would not pick up putts:

1) If you grip the putter in an unconventional way, if you putt with your dominate hand below your other hand or any other type of grip this could cause the watch to miss your putts.

2) If you have a long putter and hold the club down the shaft.

3) You take no practice putts, the watch goes into sleep mode between shots and if no practice strokes are taken then the watch could miss the putt.

If your putts are not being picked up due to the reasons above then we suggest one of these three options:

1) Use the manual putting mode.

2) Take some practice putting strokes with a conventional gripping style and hold the club at the top of the grip (do this when others are putting) and then putt normally when it is your turn to putt.

3) Use our editing system after the round to edit the putts to the correct distance.


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    Graeme Booth

    I have this problem, how do I use manual putting mode? In my settings menu all I see is units, courses and about. Thanks

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