What is Manual Putt mode and how do I change from Automatic putting to Manual Putting?

This option has been added for users that use a counter-weight putter and are not able to
screw the putter tag into the top of the club and for those who have a unique putting style. It’s now possible to switch between manual and automatic putt mode from the settings menu on the watch. To to this please follow the steps below:

1) On your watch home screen, press the bottom left button to access the settings screen.

2) Press the bottom right button to scroll down until "Putting" is in the middle of the screen. Press the top left button to access this screen.

3) The watch will be by default set to Auto putting, press the bottom right button to scroll down to "Manual" and press the top left button to confirm this selection.

This will update your putting settings to Manual mode. With Manual mode enabled when approaching a green your screen will show the Manual putt screen as show below:

To record the position of a putt press the top left button (+) whilst standing above your ball before you putt. A maximum of 4 putts can be recorded. Before removing your ball from the hole you would stand over the hole and press the bottom right button (Pin) to record the pin location on that hole. 








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