New Firmware 1.6.2

Below are a list of changes that are set to be made with the new firmware 1.6.2 release:


• Added green bunkers to hazards. Green bunkers are classed by Shot Scope as bunkers near to and around the green, and will appear as a crosshatched bunker pattern on the display.
• Time and Date are now available on the main screen (you will need to get a GPS fix before this will appear, this means playing a round or starting round and then ending it)
• Auto-shutdown after 30 seconds of inactivity at the lock screen or the shutdown screen.
• Battery logging during a round for better profiling of battery performance.
• Course search will now always display up to 10 of the nearest courses with a 1km range.
• Made slight tweaks that can in some cases, extend battery up to 40 minutes.
• Minor bug fixes

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