What are the settings on my watch?

To access the settings section of the watch follow these instructions:

1) Switch the watch on by pressing the top left button.

2) Unlock the watch by pressing the bottom left button.

3) Press the bottom left button and this will take you into the settings section of the watch.

The different settings are:

'Courses' - shows the list of courses that have been downloaded onto the watch. Click here to find out how to download courses onto your watch.

'Units' - You can see whether your watch is set to yards or meters. Click here to find out how to change your unit of measurement on the watch.

'Putting' - You can see if your putting mode is automatic or manual. Click here to find out how to change your putting mode.

'Tag Read' - This is diagnostic tool we have added to test watches ourselves so you do not need to worry about this.

'About' - You can check what firmware you have installed and the serial number of the watch.

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