Is there any way to get stableford points on my scorecards?




  • Ian Blackburn

    I just received my v3 today. It’s awesome, barely felt it on my wrist, screen is readable in any light and the pin collect is such a good design (just need to remember to collect 😂). However I thought a stableford would be standard (I didn’t even look to see if it was included). I’ve been able to get SI and stableford info on the app GolfShot+ for a long time now. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to still use that app and have everything collected with one solution. Surely stroke index per tee is something on scorecards and hence easily accessible? Could this even be something you can utilise the community to collect the data (It’s in our interests to collect and share e.g. submit a card for SI capture? And for those global courses you don’t have then stableford function Is not available? It seems like such an easy win if your software can handle the additional rows for SI/hcap shots per hole/nett score/stableford points (Could even toggle that data if becomes messy visually (GolfShot display it quite neatly, can share a screenshot if needed). Feel free to contact.

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  • Duncan Wraight

    This is a major feature missing from my perspective. Golfshake have stroke indexes, so I don't see why Shot Scope can't?

    Why don't you just add it as an option when creating tees? Yesterday I had to create a set of tees for Westerhope Golf Club - would have been no problem to put stroke indexes in at the same time.

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