How do I switch the settings to have L1 and L5 GPS on and what does it do?

This article is for V3 and G3 users only. It will explain how to change the watch's setting from L1 to L1+L5 and explain the difference.

Until recently a GPS would connect to L1 satellites to get its location, new L5 satellites are being launched over the coming years which mean a GPS can connect to both sets of satellites which should mean for a more accurate location as you can cross reference the two GPS readings. L5 technology is still in its infancy and may help with the accuracy of a GPS location at the moment but it should be very useful technology in the coming years.

Switching the watch to L1+L5 will use more battery as you play. We advise at the moment to keep the watch in L1 mode and if you are finding your data is needing some more accuracy then try turning the watch to L1+L5 mode.

Follow the steps below to change the GPS settings:

1) Switch the watch on.

2) Press the bottom right button to navigate to the 'Settings' option .

3) Press the top right button to go into 'Settings'.

4) Press the bottom right button to cycle through the options until you see 'GPS'.

5) Press the top right button to enter 'GPS' settings.

6) Press the bottom right button to change to 'L1+L5'.

7) Press the top right button to confirm the settings change.


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