What are the RFID settings?

This article is only relevant for a V3 device. It will explain what the RFID setting is and how to change it.

The RFID setting is to change how often the watch scans to find a club tag. Its default setting is 50 which gives the watch the best chance to find the tag when you are playing. If you are finding that you are running out of battery quicker than you would like then you can change the settings of the watch to scan less often which should increase the battery length of the watch but may mean less shots recorded.

To change the RFID settings follow the instructions below:

1) Switch the watch on.

2) Press the bottom right button to navigate to the 'Settings' option .

3) Press the top right button to go into 'Settings'.

4) Press the bottom right button to cycle through the options until you see 'RFID'.

5) Press the top right button to enter 'RFID' settings.

6) Press the bottom right button to change to '250' or '500'.

7) Press the top right button to confirm the settings change.

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