My V3 won't pair through Bluetooth what should I do?

This article is only relevant for v3 users. It will explain how to get the watch and app paired if you are having issues.

To fix the issue please do the following:

1) Navigate to Bluetooth on your phone settings, select the Shot Scope V3 (you will be asked via notification to only connect in the app, please cancel this) and then enter the pairing code that appears on your watch.

2) Once you have done this the watch shall display connected. You will now need to hard reset the watch by holding down the top left button until the screen goes blank.

3) Restart the watch and then open your Shot Scope app and press the 'Connect band' button at the top of the screen and on-boarding should trigger.


*Please also ensure that the locations setting are enabled for the Shot Scope app in your app settings.

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