What is the difference between the modes and when would I use them?

Shot Scope V2 has three game modes which can be selected before your round to ensure that your experience is as useful as possible, dependent on playing style. Choose between GPS, PRO and GPS+Track before you tee off to decide how your watch will work during your round. For instructions on changing the mode, please click here.

GPS mode: Provides Front, Middle and Back yardages on the screen of your watch throughout your round. It also provides you with distances to the front and back of hazards, click here for more information on how hazards distances work. This mode does not gather any performance tracking information.

PRO mode: Automatically gathers performance tracking data for retrospective game analysis. This mode does not provide any GPS distances on your watch whilst you play.

GPS + Track mode: This mode provides both the GPS distances and performance tracking, this the most popular mode with our users.


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