How do I upload a round from the watch into my account using the desktop app?

The following article will explain how to upload a round from your watch to your account via the desktop app.

To upload a round please follow the instructions below:

1) Open the Shot Scope app on your computer and log in.

2) Connect your watch to the desktop app. Click here to find out how to connect your watch to the desktop app.

3) Once you have connected the watch the 'Sync' button on that page should be available to select. Click on 'Sync'. If you do not have any data to sync that button will be greyed out.


4) The sync will start and a green progress bar will appear. Once the sync has completed this will change to show 'Sync Complete'.

Your round has now been uploaded to your account. Click on 'Dashboard' to be taken to your online dashboard where you can view and edit your round.

Click here for more information on how to edit your rounds.

If you are experiencing issues with your sync it could be for a few reasons. Click here to find out more information.


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