How do I download courses onto my watch using the mobile app?

The following article will explain all the steps required to download courses on to your V2, V3 and G3 watch.

To download courses onto your watch using the mobile app please follow the instructions below:

1) Connect your watch to the mobile app through Bluetooth.

2) Navigate to the 'Courses' section on the app. If you are on the iOS app then you do this by tapping on the 'Courses' tab at the bottom of the screen. If you are on the Android app then firstly tap on the menu button top left of the screen and then on the 'Courses' tab from the options that appear.

3) Once you are on the 'Courses' screen you can search our database to find courses by either using the nearby courses filter or by searching a course name into the search bar. To use the nearby courses filter tap on the filter icon top right of the screen. Once in the filter menu select 'Nearby'.  This will filter the course list to the 25 nearest courses to your location. To use the search bar to search the full database first tap on the search bar, type in the name of the course and courses will automatically filter. You can also press Search on your mobile keyboard as well.


*If you don't find the course you are looking for try searching for the course only using the key word of the course, for example 'Augusta' or 'Andrew'.

4) Courses that have not been synced to your watch are marked with a plus sign with 'Add' written underneath. Tap the plus sign and the course will be added to your ready to sync list. We suggest adding no more than 10 courses at once. However, once those 10 have been added feel free to keep adding any more in groups of 10.

5) Once you have added courses to your list you will need to sync them to your watch. To do this navigate to the 'Ready to Sync' screen. This is done by tapping the 'Ready to Sync' button near the top of the screen. Courses that have not been added or synced will have Not on Watch next to the course details. Courses that you have added to your list will have Ready to Sync next to the course details.


6) Once you are on the 'Ready to Sync' screen, the amount of courses that are ready to sync will be displayed. You will notice that as they have not been synced to your watch the words 'Not on Watch' will be written underneath the course details.


7) Once you have selected the courses to transfer onto your watch tap the blue 'Sync all' button near the top of the screen. This will start the sync process and show a progress bar that changes from blue to green during the syncing process. Once the sync is complete the bar will change from showing 'Syncing %' to 'Completed'.


*If a course is marked with an orange map symbol this means that it is currently being mapped by our team and therefore cannot be synced. The course should be mapped within 3 days and once it's available the map symbol will disappear and change to Ready to Sync next to the course details

8) This is the end of the sync process, those courses will now be available on your watch. Simply turn up to the course, start a round and the course will be available for selection.




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    Courses will only sync up 99% and will not go any further, tried it and left it to sync all nite, but it stayed on 99%, just don't know how to get it to fully sync

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