How do I sync course updates on the mobile app?

The following article will explain all the steps required to sync course updates on the mobile app to your V2,V3 or G3 device.

To sync a course update please follow these step by step instructions below:

1) Switch the device on.

2) Connect the device to the app through Bluetooth.

3) Navigate to the 'Courses' tab on the app. This will be on the bottom bar of an iOS device and in the menu drop down of an Android device.

4) If you have previously subscribed to the course the update will be in the 'Ready to Sync' section which will have a red notification beside it to indicate this. If you are not already subscribed too the course then search for the course in question and tap the 'Subscribe' button to the right of it. This will automatically add the update to the 'Ready to Sync' section.

5) Tap on the 'Ready to Sync' button near the top of the screen.

6) Tap on the 'Sync All' button near the top of the screen.





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