I have lost or broken my tag, can I buy more?




  • Chromewarrior1

    why does it bring me here? need new wristband

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  • Dwight Olson

    Your site doesn't show how to buy extra tags.

    I have the v2 and the v3 and both putter tags from each have broken off.

    You might want  to look at the top of some of the putters. They are a little rounded or crowned and the tags don't seat all the into the handle. Like the edges at the bottom edges of the tags don't fit tight to the outside of the putter handle. need a fix to make so they don't break or crack from the screw when you put them in the end of the putter handle. So does that mean I have to order a full set of 2v and 3v tags? or can I just get a putter tag for each type? I don't see a place on the site to order extra tags or extra tag sets. Please advise.


    Dwight Olson

    dwightgckd@yahoo.com  or 239-398-4590

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  • Bosconew

    Any response to Dwight's Question, asked 3 months ago?

    On screwing in the cheap plastic tags into my Odyssey Putter it twisted off in my hands (before ever being put in my golf bag so I will also need to replace it. (if I am even able to remove the stem wedged into the grip)

    This and the fact that I wasted 4 hours REGISERING my new, expensive V3, on Friday and Saturday, only to try again late on Sunday night and find that there was a BUG Fix for Registration in the "latest Release", issued 22 hours ago, is really ticking me off...

    Bad experience - Purchased on a Friday, tried installing at 4 pm, sent email on Friday night, and a Chat message to a dumb ChatBot (NEITHER method, email or Chat informing me that there was no weekend support) . I am interested at how my feedback will be "valued" as quite honestly this has been a Massive disappointment to what was an eagerly awaited purchase. (Shotscope instead of a 3 wood!!!)  I sincerely hope that this will be worth it. (tags look shoddy and fit poorly on my Titelist and Golf Pride Grips)

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  • Shot Support

    If any tag breaks when within its warranty you can contact us at support@shotscope.com and we will send out a new tag. New tags and P tag sets can be purchased from the website here when in stock - https://shotscope.com/uk/products/accessories/. 


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