How do I end a round when I am not finishing on the 9th or 18th hole (Shotgun start for example)?

The following article will explain all the steps required to end a round when not finishing on the 9th or 18th hole.

If you would like to end a round in GPS+Track or PRO mode prior to playing the 9th or 18th hole or if you are finishing on a hole other than the 18th (shotgun start format) then there are a couple of options.

If you are only playing 12 holes for example and you would like to end your round. Please follow the steps below:

1) Once you have pressed your PinCollect number on the hole you are finishing on press the middle left button (menu) four times.

2) You will have cycled through all the menu options and finished on the 'End Round' screen. Press the bottom right bottom to end your round, press the bottom left button to confirm and the round summary screen will appear.

In terms of using the watch in a shotgun start there a couple of different options that you can use to make sure that it registers as a normal 18 hole round. Firstly when you get to the 18th hole and it asks if you wish to end your round you can navigate back to the yardage screen by pressing the middle left button (menu). When you are back on the yardage screen you will then be able to scroll through the different holes using the bottom two buttons on the watch.

Alternatively, you can choose to end your round on the 18th when prompted (instructions on how to end a round can be found here) and then start a new round on the first hole (instructions on how to start a round can be found here) this will continue giving you the correct yardages. When you upload the rounds after you have finished, the rounds will combine to form one 18 hole round.

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