The GPS on my device didn't work, what should I do?




  • David Weeks

    Anyone else having issues getting the H4 to locate satellites?

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  • Tim Dipple

    I had an H4 for Christmas from my kids and I have been unable to locate a satellite yet.

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  • David Weeks

    Got this from Support:

    Sorry to hear this.

    Has this always happened? Is this on a certain course or multiple courses?

    Could you please try re-boot the device for me and this will hopefully resolve the issue. To do this we will revert the firmware to the factory setting.

    To revert the firmware on the device to the original 'golden firmware' please follow the instructions below:

    1. Make sure the device is turned off. If you cannot turn the device off normally then please hold the top left button down for 15-20 seconds.
    2. With the screen off, hold down the bottom left and right buttons.
    3. Whilst still holding down those buttons, press the top left button once and then release. A H4 logo should appear on the screen. If this does not appear then start from the beginning.
    4. Continue to hold down these two bottom buttons for 40 seconds. This should reset the firmware.
    5. After this is done, connect the device to the mobile app and update the firmware/go through on boarding. It is very important to do this straight after the reset.

    If this process does not fully work the first time, please try a few more times. This can sometimes take a few tries.

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  • Steve Melville

    David, I too bought the H4 recently and have never got close to finding GPS nevermind the no course in 1 km message. Shots ope support was prompt with the exact same message you received. Have tried it 5 times now (painfully tedious process) and still no change. I have come back overseas for the new school term so I can't even send it back. Regretting moving from Garmin

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