My putter tag won't fit in my counterbalance putter grip, what should I do?

Shot Scope tags need to be securely affixed into the grip of your club and have been designed with a screw base in order to do so. Unfortunately, in a counter balance/weighted grip, the tags are unable to screw in securely. As the popularity of such grips grow, we are looking into developing a permanent solution for this.

At this stage we have two options for customers looking to track such a club:

Firstly, users can cut off the screw from the bottom of tag and tape/glue the top of the tag to the end of the grip.

Alternatively, if you have a counter-balance putter, you can opt to forego the use of the putter tag and instead use PinCollect to track your shots. Clicking the PinCollect button tracks the number of putts you have taken, even without a putter tag not being present. You can then edit those shots to the correct location using the editing tool after your round.

Both solutions will allow you to use the system effectively for gathering putting data.


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